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Tonal Dressing- The Secret to Looking Effortlessly Chic

Looking Effortlessly Chic

Chic is often associated with a style that is expensive or unattainable. But, what if I told you that looking chic could be as easy as throwing on a t-shirt and jeans?

That’s right, there is a style hack that can make any outfit look pulled together and expensive, and it’s called tonal dressing.

Tonal dressing is simply the act of choosing clothing items in the same color family.

This creates a look that is both polished and sophisticated. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to go out and buy a new wardrobe to try this trend.

Simply look through your closet and pull out items that are in the same color family. For example, if you have a pair of dark-wash jeans, try pairing them with a black top or sweater.

Or, if you have a light pink blouse, pair it with a white skirt or pants.

Tonal dressing is the perfect way to elevate your everyday style. It is also a great option for special occasions.

So, next time you need to dress up for an event, try tonal dressing and see how chic and effortless you can look.


Where do you even begin with the tonal dressing?

The thought of dressing head to toe in a single color may appear intimidating to individuals who are unfamiliar with tonal styling; however, this does not have to be the case.

Begin with a manageable amount, and gradually increase the amount of color that you wear until you feel comfortable.

Choose a color that you adore and that makes you feel fantastic whenever you wear it.

The next step is to expand upon it from there. If you have a color obsession, it is possible that you already have several variations of that color represented in your clothing.

It is also OK, to begin with, the colors that are already present in your outfit, even if they are entirely neutral in tone.

You can start off with an outfit consisting of a single tone, and then work your way up to adding other colors.

For instance, if the majority of the items in your closet are navy blues, such as fitted navy slacks and a navy blazer, you might want to consider adding a t-shirt or blouse in a somewhat lighter shade of blue to your collection.

That can be the first move for you to take in order to expand out into the tonal trend.

You are also able to accomplish that with grey. You can combine charcoal with a variety of tones of gray to create new colors.

Even a dark gray combined with black looks fairly great because the two colors are from the same color palette, so there isn’t too much of a contrast between them.

I find that camel and tan colors look great when combined with white and beige. Instead of blending it with a darker color like black, which will be too harsh and no longer appear tonal, mixing it with white and beige keeps it in a comparable tonal color pallet.

When putting together an ensemble consisting of neutral colors, adding texture is a good way to break up the monotony of the look.

Something like a textured bag, such as a leather bag in the winter or a woven bag in the summer, could be used to break up the outfit.


How to take your toned-down clothing style to the next level?

Now that you’ve experimented with tonal dressing and found that you like incorporating color into your overall appearance, you want to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of fashion.

What can you do to take your toned style to the next level?

It is recommended that you go bolder with your color choices. This means that you should move away from clothing in neutral tones from head to toe and instead pick brighter, more daring colors.

You may also add a splash of color by incorporating it into your accessories, such as the purse you carry or the belt you wear.

However, you should always wear shoes that are a neutral color so that they do not compete with the color of the rest of your clothing.