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Dressing for your Age – How to Upgrade your Wardrobe

How to Upgrade your Wardrobe

It is not uncommon for women to discover, sometime throughout their thirties, that a significant portion of the apparel that is currently hanging in their wardrobe does not work for them any longer.

Possibly you are holding on to some clothing from the last decade that has seen better days, a short skirt in which you no longer feel confident, or a dress that just does not correspond with your current age.

What you truly want is something a little bit more mature, a little bit more sophisticated, and a little bit more tailored to your individual tastes.

According to fashion expert Alice Wright, many women in their thirties will come to the realization that they are “all grown up” but will have nothing in their closet that is appropriate to wear.

Let’s face it: your twenties are typically the years in which you act defiantly. If you really want to look cool, you can get away with wearing ironic T-shirts, cut-off shorts, cheap fast fashion, and affordable shoes.

She explained, But then your thirties swiftly creep up on you, and you find yourself looking into a wardrobe full of apparel that is only fit for Coachella.

It is not unheard of for women who are making a shift to a new style to feel as though their clothing does not reflect their evolving selves. This is a perfectly normal feeling.

According to Wright, feeling like you always have nothing to wear, always feeling underdressed, and having the perception that your current clothing don’t fit as they used to even if your weight or body shape hasn’t changed are some of the primary symptoms that your wardrobe is no longer acceptable.

You also do not know for certain if the colors that you have in your clothes)genuinely complement you.

The passage of time causes a change in our appearance. According to Wright, “by the time you reach the end of your thirties, you may discover that you need to experiment with other tones of a color that you had previously been able to wear.”

Another question you should ask yourself, according to Wright, is whether or not your wardrobe meets the requirements of your lifestyle.

What kinds of clothing do you need for the workplace, for events, and for social activities on the weekends?


How should a lady who is in her thirties dress in order to feel her age, which is neither too young nor too old?

Wright suggests returning to fundamentals in this situation.

Keep your investment pieces in timeless colors like black, brown, and navy so they won’t seem dated over time.

Have fun experimenting with color, pattern, and even a little shine in your tops and blouses. “You may bring in some silliness with the fabric selections that you make,” she explained.

According to Alice Wright, the most important thing is to make sure that you have high-quality, versatile investment items that can be seasonally refreshed with less expensive tops and accessories.

Although it may seem like a waste of money to acquire clothes in black and neutral colors, they are the essentials that make up a wardrobe for someone in their thirties.

Think of foundation pieces like the walls of your house, which you then get to embellish with other clothing)according to the changing of the seasons,” she advised.


Final word

Everyone’s wardrobe and style preferences are different.

However, some tips on how to upgrade your wardrobe may include adding new pieces that are more versatile and stylish, getting rid of old or ill-fitting items, and choosing high-quality items that will last longer.

Experimenting with new colors and trends can also help freshen up your look. Ultimately, the best way to upgrade your wardrobe is to figure out what works best for you and your personal style.