About Us

Stand Out and Make a Difference

Class Attire has this advocacy of empowering the people. We want you to participate and be involved in what is going on in our society. We always tell you to let your voice be heard because we know that your views and opinions matter. We are not saying that your views and opinions are correct all the time. What we are saying is that everyone should participate in a healthy discussion especially regarding social issues that affect our daily lives. We should not just submit ourselves to what other people think is best for us especially if their actions are laid with other motives. If we all voice out our views and opinions, then authorities will have no choice but to listen to what the people are saying. And therein lies our power. We are part of this government, of this nation. It is time that we exercise that power. 
Class Attire cheers on everyone to aim to succeed but remember that success is not measured by money or gold. True success is measured in the value that you give to other people around you. Such that, when another person feels better or lives a better life because of you, then that is the time that you can say that you have really achieved success.

Class Attire is glad to see more and more people are making their voices heard. They use different platforms to express their views and opinions. They mobilize themselves in groups because they realize that there is strength in numbers. Most importantly, they stop being indifferent to what is happening around them. They are compelled to act and do something towards that goal of common good. Because when they finally achieve that common good, then a lot of lives would live better and that is what you can call success.